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NBers eating less local food

Source Times & Transcript, July 29, 2010

The proportion of local food on New Brunswick dinner tables continues to shrink as the distance food travels to get here expands.

New Brunswick farmers say they share the same plight as farmers across the border in Nova Scotia where a report was released this month that says fewer local products are being consumed, and imported food is coming from farther abroad.

The president of the New Brunswick Agricultural Alliance, Patrice Finnigan, said yesterday that the daily and statistical reality faced by farmers here echoes the findings of a report on local food consumption released by the Nova Scotia Agricultural Federation.

The report, entitled Is Nova Scotia Eating Locally , found consumers are spending only 13 per cent of their food budgets on locally-farmed products, and that the average meal is travelling more than 8,000 kilometres to land on plates in the province.


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