Way of the locavore: Four ways to escape global food

Source: Globe & Mail, Nov 26, 2010

They grow their own vegetables. They raise backyard chickens. They bypass the supermarkets to buy groceries from farmers they know.

They are global food dropouts, and they don't trust the conventional food system's impact on the environment, their health, animal welfare and flavour.

But even those dedicated to eating locally and organically admit that escaping the global food system can be tricky.

Lesson 1: Be aware of your choices

Even if you can't afford to buy local, free-range and organic, and don't have the resources to grow your own, the first step is to simply be mindful of the consequences of your food choices, says Jes Goulet of Cobble Hill, B.C.

Ms. Goulet grows much of her own fruits and vegetables, raises hens for eggs and buys her other groceries from an organic delivery service. She recognizes not everyone has the time, yard space, inclination and ability to do the same.

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