Cities urged to get cracking on chicken bylaw

Source: Times & Transcript, February 25, 2011

A report on the province's first-ever urban farm urges cities to get cracking on a bylaw to allow chickens in suburban backyards.

Post Carbon Greater Moncton has released a glowing report on the egg-producing hens roosting in the Hub City's core one year after Moncton's planning commission granted the request for a temporary permit to run an experimental urban farm.

The community group's pilot project now hopes to hatch a bylaw allowing chickens in city neighbourhoods, producing fresh and chemical-free eggs.

"We're making a number of quite detailed recommendations in terms of what would need to happen," said Michel Desjardins, a member of Post Carbon Greater Moncton. "We are by no means recommending a free-for-all.

"This activity must be regulated."

The project converted an urban residential property into a small-scale farm, including four egg-laying hens that produced roughly two dozen eggs per week.

The report concludes that urban agriculture is an effective way to increase food security and enhance self-sufficiency in the province's cities.



Saint John - Mike said...

Way to go PCGM & M. Desjardins!
My urban chickens in Saint John got outed & subsequently ousted - I didn't have the fight in me to lead a media campaign or a long process with the city. But I'm confident that the time will come.

PCGM - GMPC said...

Thanks for the support Mike. We have tried to make our project as public as possible. For us, the issue is not so much about chickens as it is about food safety and self-sufficiency. Stay tuned. PCGM