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Say Yes to Chickens

Times & Transcript Editorial February 28, 2011

It's rare that politicians have a chance to do a deed most fowl and be praised, but Moncton City Council is being asked to create a bylaw allowing the raising of up to four egg-laying hens in what would be backyard mini-farms. And it is a great idea, good for the environment, good for sustainability in an uncertain future and good for people's food budgets. Moreover, a year-long test run of just such a backyard chicken coop has proven highly successful, producing no complaints and no problems. It's an idea whose time has come. And while naysayers can undoubtedly paint all kinds of potential scenarios to scare not-in-my-backyard types, the reality elsewhere and with our experiment is innocuous. Of course, council must ensure that such 'urban farms' do not include pigs, cows and elephants. Even in the bird world, peacocks screech, emus can escape to chase kids and turkey vultures would probably eat the chickens. Common sense must be applied, but Post Carbon Greater Moncton backing the idea knows that, proposing a ban on roosters.

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kathi dunphy said...

Semantics can have unexpected connotations. As a chicken keeper of pet backyard chickens I would suggest using the terminology "chicken keeping" as one keeps dogs and cats, rather than "raising" as one does livestock. Agriphobes abound in these tricky bylaw changing times...