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Monctonians learn to grow urban gardens

Source: Times & Transcript, June 20, 2011

Botsford Station was full of seeds, soil and green thumbs Saturday afternoon as the local food education series, hosted by Post Carbon Greater Moncton, kicked-off.

About 12 Monctonians showed up to get their hands dirty and learn how to grow plants, vegetables and fruit organically, from the comfort of their front porch or backyard.

It was the first of five upcoming workshops, and next one, concerning food conservation, will be held in the fall.

Michel Desjardins, spokesman for the group, says a food forum, held in March, was the catalyst in the creation of the workshop series.

"First off, we are group of about 150 people focused on reducing our carbon footprint and so we hosted the forum, where about 100 locals agreed that there needed to be more educational activities in the city about local food."


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