Hoarding the coop

Globe & Mail - June 24, 2009
At first glance, the backyard in an upscale 1950s Toronto development seems to be typically Canadian. There's a barbecue, patio furniture, a well-kept lawn – and then there are the chickens.

Two hens peck at the grass, while a third broody one sits in the nest. With people in the yard, the curious chickens move toward the orange fencing of the run, their soft cooing barely audible over the hum of neighbours' air conditioners.

Their owner, a middle-aged woman wearing jeans and a black T-shirt with a stylish haircut and funky glasses – who wouldn't give her name for fear of being discovered by city officials – says she is one of about a half-dozen people in Toronto she knows of who secretly keeps chickens on their properties.

“It covers absolutely every type of person,” she says. “Young, old, every ethnic group.”

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Anonymous said...

Wondering how many East Coast urban dwellers secretly have chickens? We just purchased a dozen chicks hoping for at least 6 hens in Charlottetown. Not keeping it a secret, but not really advertising it openly either.

Anyone else out keeping chickens and want to 'fess up to it?

PCGM - GMPC said...

Several people are secretly keeping chickens in Moncton. Bees too!!

kathi dunphy said...

I have 5 feathered friends on my front lawn in St Martins. To see them go down a couple of posts on my blog, and a few more down to see the movable chicken tractor. I'm enjoying them immensely, and visiting children love to feed them and look for eggs.

Anonymous said...

I live in Moncton with chickens! So far so good, but I haven't been very secret about it...