Moncton City Council Passes Peak Oil Resolution

On June 15 2009, Moncton City Council passed the following resolution:

WHEREAS, World oil production is nearing or has passed its point of maximum production (known as "Peak Oil") and will enter a prolonged period of irreversible decline leading to ever-increasing prices; and

WHEREAS, The availability of affordable petroleum is critical to the functioning of our transportation system, the production of our food and of petrochemical-based consumer goods, the paving of roads, the lubrication of machinery, and myriad other parts of the economy; and,

WHEREAS, Moncton has already demonstrated leadership in confronting challenges of global climate change, including participating in the Cities for Climate Protection program and establishing an Active Transportation and other policy initiatives, and has a rich diversity of citizens committed to maintaining Moncton's long-term viability; be it

RESOLVED, That Moncton City Council acknowledges the unprecedented challenges of Peak Oil; and, be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, That Council supports the undertaking of a city-wide assessment study in order to inventory city activities and their corollary resource requirements, evaluating the impact in each area of a decline in petroleum availability and of higher prices, with the aim of developing a comprehensive plan of action and response to Peak Oil; and, be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, That Council hereby requests that the Mayor take steps to establish a Peak Oil Task Force, comprising members of Council, the Planning Commission, City and Commission Staff, and the public, to examine the issue of Peak Oil and to develop a framework for adapting to fossil fuel depletion.


graham said...

Wow, is this for real?

Way to go Moncton Council and those who educated them on Peal oil,


tinker said...

Thanks for pointing me towards this link, Graham! I look forward to the day rural communities can work alongside urban centres to com up with combined strategies.