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Moncton too slow with bike paths

Published in Times & Transcript - June 2, 2009

The City of Moncton has to date failed to vigorously pursue the aim of creating a bicycle friendly city, even though cycling improves fitness, it is environmentally positive and saves riders considerable amounts of money.

Moncton took three years just to adopt a policy after a December 2002 report suggested creating shared or dedicated bike lanes on 17 streets. And in the three years since the 2006 bike lane policy was adopted by council, only six have been created, primarily on streets that were already wide and painting on bike lanes was easy. Two more are scheduled for this year, for a total of eight; less than half the recommended number in 2002.

And what has been done is clearly inadequate and ineffective: once the road narrows or a busy intersection is reached, the bike lanes simply end, leaving cyclists to their own devices in the most dangerous spots. This is tokenism. It is not make cycling more safe or convenient.

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